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film // pan’s labyrinth

Soundtrack Series // Mayfly Man [x]

"…Only 18 months after Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers were resettled, the discovery of an another Undead Liberation Army safe house will inevitably raise more fears amongst the Living, and further strain community relations. Following on from the aborted attack at Eastfield Shopping Centre, Partially Deceased organizations are distancing themselves from these extremist factions."
"Never love another more than you love yourself. That’s not being selfish, that’s being smart."

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Ph. Hellen Van Meene
Anonymous: I don't know what you look like but just going from your blog i would go with odette from swan lake, trapped between two worlds brimming with the potential to transform...

Wow. That is so deep vision of me from my blog. And also very beautiful. Something related with Black swan I think which is very close to me. Thank you very much, anon.